Madness - 1995
Broken Flight

"To see ideas is to push the whole world of objects towards that state of generalisation that finds room just and only in ideas. To reach an idea is to climb the stairs of material objects all the way up to the end"

Nichita Stănescu

Self portrait

The artist’s portrait is an inner depiction: the outside world is but a suggestion of existence.
Overlapping material dimensions shift our attention from the existential essence to the intellectual nature of a detail that becomes an abstraction yet remains alive, accentuated by a dispersed chromaticity that sets a balance in the struggle to communicate.
The expressiveness of a broken flight is that of a Phoenix reborn from its ashes.
Highlighted by a vigorous chromatic composition, the hermeneutic of the plastic concept evokes a fluctuation above reality where a glimpse of clarity is still preserved.

Mixed media on linen


Image Title
Madness - 2010