Chronos 2017 - 2023

"Engaging in a constant fight against Time, I emerge from the act of creation like a survivor.
I am a time traveler, a messenger that’s been on a long journey, bringing back new revelations and translating them into the plastic language of art."
The narrative often escapes visual arts. There is no way to tell what came before and what is coming after a painting. Past, present, and future are frozen and compressed into the eternity of composition - that one, essential moment of pure Beauty distilled from everything superfluous. Through the still-in-progress Chronos series, the artist engages in a dialogue with herself and her relationship with time, investigating her own struggle and adjustment mechanisms. What does the passing of Time leave us with? Maturity, wisdom, or maybe the awareness of the Eternal Return? To answer this question, she travels through her inner time searching for clues and previously unknown parts of herself, striving to bring them back in their purest form.